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Aluminum foil foam

Advanced college technology aluminum foil foam can customize thickness according to demand; welcome to consult.


Aluminum foil foam is a common insulation material that consists of aluminum foil and foam material. It has a good thermal insulation performance and is widely used in construction, cold chain, automobiles, electronics and other fields.

1. Features of aluminum foil foam:

-Lighting: Aluminum foil foam is composed of lightweight foam material and thin aluminum foil, and the overall weight is light.

-Suctorate insulation: Aluminum foil foam has excellent thermal insulation performance and can effectively isolate the transmission of heat.

-Chide -proof waterproof: Aluminum foil on the surface of aluminum foil foam has the function of moisture -proof and waterproof, which can ensure the long -term use effect of the material.

-Ductive: The material structure of aluminum foil foam is strong and durable, and can be reused multiple times.

2. Application of aluminum foil foam:

-When building insulation: Aluminum foil foam is often used in the insulation and insulation of building walls, roofs and other parts, which can effectively improve the temperature in the room to maintain performance.

-The cold chain logistics: Aluminum foil foam is a commonly used thermal insulation material in cold chain logistics, which can effectively ensure the temperature of the cold chain goods.

-The automotive industry: Aluminum foil foam is often used in thermal insulation of car interior, which can effectively reduce the noise and temperature in the car.

-Electronic field: Aluminum foil foam can be used as a cooling material for electronic products, which can effectively improve the service life of electronic equipment.

3. The purchase guide for aluminum foil foam:

-The material selection: There are many types of foam materials for aluminum foil foam. Select the appropriate foam material according to different application scenarios, such as polystyrene, polyester, etc.

-Stidal selection: Select the appropriate aluminum foil foam thickness according to thermal insulation requirements, usually with different specifications such as 4mm, 5mm, 8mm.

-The brand selection: Choose the technology of advanced houses and aluminum foil foam products with reputation to ensure the quality and performance of the product.


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