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Bending shield

The technology bending shielding cover of the advanced house can be customized according to demand; welcome to consult.


1. Screen protection: The bending shield can cover the entire folding screen, protecting the screen from scratches, fingerprints and other physical damage. This is especially important for some fragile flexible screens because they are relatively vulnerable to damage.

2. Compatibility: The bending shield should have good compatibility and can adapt to the shape, size and operation method of various folding screen equipment. Precise design for different devices to ensure that the screen is completely covered and maintains flexibility and adaptability.

3. Touch and visual effects: The bending shield should have high transparency to ensure that users can clearly see the screen content. High -quality materials and design can provide a smooth touch, and reduce friction and reaction delay during touch and sliding.

4. High durability: The bending screen shield should be durable and can withstand the test of daily use and long -term folding. The characteristics of abrasion, impact resistance, bending and temperature resistance should be an important consideration of its design to ensure the persistence of screen protection.

5. Convenient operation: The design of the bending screen shield must also take into account the convenient operation of the user. For example, retaining the screens such as touch, camera and audio interface, can also be easily folded or expanded, and it is convenient to carry.

In short, as an attachment to protect the folding screen, the bending shield can not only provide physical protection for the screen, but also improve the user experience and use reliability. Its high transparency, durability, and operating convenience have made the bending shielding covering the long -term use of folding screen equipment while meeting the needs of user needs.

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