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Conductive cloth tape

Advanced Institute Technology conductive cloth tape, can be customized according to needs; Welcome to inquire.


Condential tape is a tape with conductive performance, which is often used in the maintenance and assembly of electronic equipment.

1. The characteristics of conductive cloth tape:

-Arig tape: conductive cloth tape is usually composed of conductive fibers and adhesives. The conductive performance of conductive fibers can achieve current transmission and play a role in conductive.

-Stracitoring performance: The conductive cloth tape has good adhesion performance, which can fix various components, circuit boards, etc. together.

-Rododity performance: The conductive cloth tape also has anti -static performance, which can reduce the generation and accumulation of static electricity and prevent static electricity from damage to electronic equipment.

2. Application field of conductive cloth tape:

-Electronic equipment repair: conductive cloth tape can be used in the maintenance process of electronic equipment, such as fixed circuit boards, connecting circuits, etc.

-Capor electronic equipment assembly: During the assembly of electronic equipment, conductive cloth tape can be used for fixed components, connecting wires, etc.

-Stique protection: Because the conductive cloth tape has antidation performance, it can be used for some occasions that are sensitive to electrostatic, such as storage and transportation of electronic components.

3. The purchase and use of conductive cloth tape:

-In when choosing a guide cloth tape, you should choose a product consisting of high -quality conductive fibers and adhesives to ensure its conductive performance and adhesion performance.

-In use, we should pay attention to avoid contact with other power sources to avoid problems such as short -circuit or current leakage.

-In use, the conductive cloth tape should be well exposed to the circuit board, component, etc. to ensure the conductive effect.

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