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Platinum plating film
PMMA platinum plating
  • PMMA platinum plating
PMMA platinum plating

Plating plating of PMMA in advanced houses can customize thickness according to demand; welcome to consult.



PMMA is the abbreviation of polymethyl acrylic methyl. It is a common organic polymer material. It has excellent transparency and mechanical properties and is widely used in the field of optics, construction, automobiles. Platinum is a precious metal, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and good conductivity.

Plating PMMA is a method of product surface modification, which can give PMMA materials better appearance and performance. The specific platinum -plated process includes the following steps: First, the PMMA surface needs to be pre -processed to ensure that its surface is clean and flat; then, coat or magnetic control on the surface For the PMMA surface, a uniform and dense platinum plating layer is formed; in the end, after follow -up processing such as polishing, the platinum plating can be smoother and even.

The advantage of PMMA platinum plating is that it can improve the visual attractiveness and abrasion resistance of the product. Platinum plating can make the PMMA material look more high and gorgeous, adding its surface metal texture. At the same time, platinum plating can effectively improve the wear resistance of PMMA materials and extend its service life. However, there are also some restrictions in platinum plating, such as complex processes and high costs.

In summary, PMMA platinum is a method that enhances the surface performance of the product and enhances the texture. It can make PMMA materials better wear resistance and visual effects. However, the specific application scenarios need to be evaluated based on product attributes and needs, and comprehensively consider the benefits and costs brought by platinum plating.

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