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Platinum plating film
PP platinum plating
  • PP platinum plating
PP platinum plating

Advanced college technology PP platinum plating film can customize thickness according to demand; welcome to consult.


Advanced hospital technology PP film platinum is a process that plated platinum on the surface of polypropylene (PP) thin film. This process can make the surface of the PP film have good conductivity, antioxidant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, etc.

1. Advantages of Plating Film Planted:

-Is good antioxidant: Platinum is a rare metal, which has excellent antioxidant performance, so that the PP film with platinum plated can be used for a long time in high temperature, high humidity, and aerobic environment.

-The acid and alkali resistance: platinum has a good corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in the pH medium without damage.

-The heat insulation performance: Platinum has good thermal insulation performance, which can effectively prevent heat transmission, so that the PP film of platinum plated is suitable for some occasions that need insulation treatment.

2. Application field:

-The medical industry: PP film platinum plating can be used as a medical equipment packaging material. It has good antioxidant and acidic and alkali resistance, and can maintain the hygiene and safety of the equipment.

-Te electronics industry: PP film platinum can be used as shielding materials for electronic products. It has good thermal insulation and can effectively prevent the interference of electromagnetic waves.

3. Preparation method:

-Chemical method: Use chemical reactions to restore platinum to the surface of the PP film to form a platinum layer.

-Physical method: Use physical coating technology to form a platinum film on the surface of the PP film.

4. Note:

-The thickness of a platinum -plated film needs to be controlled in an appropriate range. Excessive thinness will affect performance, and too thick will increase costs.

-Platinum plating processes need to control parameters such as temperature, concentration, and time to ensure stability of the plating layer.

In summary, PP film platinum plating is a process that paint platinum on the surface of the PP film. It has the properties of antioxidant, acid -alkali, insulation, and insulation. It is suitable for medical, electronics, aerospace and other fields. The preparation methods are chemical and physical methods. Pay attention to controlling the thickness and process parameters of the coating.

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