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SMD coated film

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SMD covering membrane, that is, the packaging and welding technology of the surface sticker (SMD), which is widely used in LED surface paste installations. This technology realizes the simple process and easy operation advantages of the printed circuit board (PCB) by packing a single emitting chip, and then welding on the printing circuit board (PCB), respectively.

However, the introduction of MINILED technology has brought new challenges. Compared with traditional LEDs, MINILED contains a large number of chips. If SMT technology is used, the number of SMD film will increase significantly, and the packaging density will face difficulties. In addition, the process of patch will become more time -consuming, increasing the difficulty of maintenance.

To solve this problem, a feasible choice is to use a display module with a spacing P1.0 or higher. By increasing the spacing of the chip, the packaging density can be effectively increased, the number of SMDs can be reduced, thereby reducing process complexity and production costs. In this case, SMD is still an excellent choice because it has the characteristics of easy operation and stability.

All in all, for MINILED, such as a technology containing a large number of chips, if SMT technology is used, the number of SMDs is too large and the patch is long, it is difficult to meet the high packaging density and increase the difficulty of maintenance. However, choosing a display module with a spacing P1.0 or above can solve these problems, and the SMD film is still an excellent choice.

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