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PET gold-plated film
  • PET gold-plated film
PET gold-plated film

Advanced household technology PET gold -plated membrane can be customized as required; welcome to consult.




PET coating is a widely used surface treatment material to increase the wear -resistant, chemical stability and optical properties of the material. PET coating is usually made of a metal film on the surface of polyethylene dilatelate (PET).

Advanced college technology custom PET golden covers can be produced according to customer needs, and according to the different application scenarios, the thickness and reflectivity of the metal film are adjusted.

1. Material selection:

PET is a common choice as a substrate with good mechanical properties, chemical stability and transparency. For different application scenarios, gold, silver, copper and other metal materials can be used.

2. Preparation process:

The preparation of PET coated coating mainly includes vacuum evaporation and magnetic sputtering. Vacuum evaporation is heated to its evaporation temperature, and the metal steam is deposited on the PET surface in the vacuum environment. The magnetic sputtering method is to place the metal material target in the vacuum chamber, and to sput the metal film to the PET surface by bombardment through an ion. The specific preparation process can be adjusted according to the requirements of the manufacturer.

3. Membrane thickness and reflectivity:

For the customization of PET coating, the common requirements are to adjust the thickness and reflectivity of the metal film. By controlling the time and conditions of evaporation or sputtering, a metal film of different thickness can be achieved. The reflectivity can be achieved by controlling the thickness of the metal membrane layer. Generally speaking, the reflectance of the golden film is higher.

4. Application field:

Customized PET is widely used in electronics, optical instruments, display devices and decorative materials. For example, the PET golden cover can be applied to electronic touch screens to improve the sensitivity and abrasion resistance of the touch; it can also be used in optical instruments to improve optical transmission performance and anti -reflection capacity.

Advanced household technology custom PET golden suits can be produced according to customer needs. It is suitable for different application scenarios by adjusting the thickness and reflectivity of the metal film. This high -quality surface treatment material provides important solutions for many industries.



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