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Copper plating film
PET copper plating film
  • PET copper plating film
PET copper plating film

Advanced Institute Technology PET copper plating film, can be customized with various thicknesses according to needs; Welcome to inquire


Advanced Copper Plating film is a functional material commonly used in electron, optics, and conductivity. It is mainly composed of two parts: substrate PET and plating copper. The thickness of the substrate PET can be customized, and the common range is 4.5-188um. The thickness of the coating copper can also be customized, with a common range of 500nm-25um.

First of all, the substrate PET is a polyester film material, which has good mechanical properties and chemical stability. The customization of its thickness can be selected according to specific application requirements. The thinner PET thickness is suitable for high flexibility and lightness occasions such as flexible electronics and film displays. Thicker PET thickness is suitable for occasions that require higher strength and abrasion resistance.

Secondly, magnetic control+water -plated copper forms a dense metal copper film on the PET surface, which has excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity. Customization of thickness can be determined according to specific applications. The thinner copper layer can provide good conductive paths in electronic devices, while reducing resistance and thermal resistance, which helps improve equipment performance. The thicker copper layer can provide higher conductivity and better electromagnetic shielding effects.

The preparation of PET copper -plated membranes is generally used in chemical plating, physical plating or electroplating. Specific process parameters and process processes can be determined according to material characteristics and application requirements to ensure the quality and performance of copper -plated film.

In summary, PET copper plating film is a functional material with greater application potential. By customized substrate PET and the thickness of plating copper, it can meet the needs of different fields and applications, and provide excellent performance for products such as electron, optics, and conductive.


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