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conductive silicone rubber
O -shaped empty heart guidance rubber strip
  • O -shaped empty heart guidance rubber strip
O -shaped empty heart guidance rubber strip

Advanced Academy of Science and Technology O -shaped air conductor rubber can customize the thickness according to demand; welcome to consult.


O -shaped air conductive rubber strip is a rubber product with conductive performance. Its structure is O -shaped section and is hollow inside, which is made of conductive silicon rubber material. Conductive silicon rubber is a special rubber material with conductive function. By filling in the internal cavity of the O -Emacre Conducting Rubber strip, the rubber strip can have conductive performance.

In order to achieve conductive characteristics, conductive silicon rubber usually adds conductive fillers in material preparation, such as metal powder or carbon black. These conductive fillers can form continuous conductive networks and provide conductive paths. The conductive performance of conductive silicon rubber depends on the type, content and dispersion of conductive fillers. Generally speaking, the higher the content of conductive fillers, the better the conductive performance.

The conductivity of O -shaped air conductive rubber strips can be applied to many fields. For example, in electronic products, it can be used as conductive pads or sealing rings to ensure good grounding and conductive connection. In the industrial field, applications can be used for conductive transmission bands, conductive transmission lines, and electrical seals. In addition, due to the good elasticity and abrasion resistance of conductive silicon rubber, the O -empty cardiac conductivity rubber strip can also be widely used in mechanical sealing and suspension vibrations.


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