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Main raw materials of metal adhesive


According to our understanding of the uses and characteristics of metal adhesives, we know that they are mainly used for metal articles. What materials are they made of?
Let's take a look at the main raw materials of metal adhesives
1) E-51 ring soft resin is a kind of viscous and transparent liquid. The molecular weight is about 370. The epoxy value is greater than 0.5. It has excellent adhesion to metal and nonmetal. Good heat resistance, insulation, hardness and flexibility. It can be used for bonding metal, ceramic, glass, water, etc.
2) line reading type polymer. It is a synthetic resin made from foam, dioic acid and diol by polycondensation or other similar reactions. It is mainly used in the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced plastics and coatings, also used in the manufacture of mortar and compression molding powder.
3) Phthalic anhydride. Its melting point is 130.0 ℃, boiling point is 295.09 ℃ (285.54 ℃) and relative density is 1.527 (4 / 4 ℃). It is easy to sublimate, slightly soluble in cold water, easily soluble in hot water and immediately hydrolyzed to phthalic acid, soluble in ethanol, benzene and pyridine, slightly soluble in ether. It is used to make dyestuff, polyester resin, alkyd resin, plastic, plasticizer and polyester.
4) alumina powder. Commonly known as bauxite. White powder, relative density 3.9-4.0, melting point 2050 ℃, boiling point 2980 ℃. Insoluble in water, but gradually soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid. It can also be used as abrasives, ceramics, refractories and artificial gems. It is made by calcining aluminum hydroxide.


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