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Copper foil tape

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Copper foil tape is a tape composed of copper foil and adhesive, which is commonly used in the field of electronics.

1. Features and applications of copper foil tape:

Copper foil tape has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and shielding, and is widely used in the field of electronics. It is often used in circuit board manufacturing, electromagnetic shielding, ground wire connection, anti -static and other aspects. Copper foil tape also has good flexibility and antioxidant performance, suitable for use on curved or alien surfaces.

2. Buying skills of copper foil tape:

When choosing a copper foil tape, you can pay attention to the following aspects:

-Stidity: According to actual needs, the appropriate thickness is selected. There are several common ones of 12 μm, 18 μm, and 35 μm.

-Stojoles: Different application scenarios need to choose different adhesives, such as conductive adhesives, insulating adhesives, etc.

-The width and length: Select the appropriate width and length according to the actual needs.

-A quality authentication: Select brands that have passed ISO quality or other related certifications to ensure that the quality of the product is reliable.

3. The construction points of the copper foil tape:

When using copper foil tape, you need to pay attention to the following construction points:

-Clene surface: Before attached to copper foil tape, you need to ensure that the attached surface is clean, dust -free and oil pollution to ensure the adhesion performance of the tape.

-Piter pressure: When attached to a copper foil tape, appropriate pressure is appropriately applied to ensure that the tape is closely fits with the attached surface, and the electrical and shielding effect of the tape is improved.

-Fit the stretching and deformation: Avoid excessive stretching and deformation when the copper foil tape is attached to avoid affecting the conductivity and shielding performance of the tape.

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