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Soft magnetic suction material

The technology soft magnetic absorbing material of the advanced house can be customized according to demand; welcome to consult.


Soft -magnetic suction material is a good material with good suction performance that can absorb and dissipate electromagnetic wave energy in the electromagnetic wave band. In the field of electronic information, soft magnetic suction materials are widely used in electromagnetic wave shielding, electromagnetic compatibility, antenna design, and electromagnetic wave measurement.

The suction performance of soft magnetic suction materials mainly depends on its micro structure and magnetic performance. Generally speaking, soft magnetic suction materials should have the following characteristics:

1. High magnetic guidance: the higher the magnetic guidance rate, the slower the transmission speed of the electromagnetic wave in the material, the better the suction performance; the

2. Low magnetic stagnation loss: Magnetic stasis loss will cause energy to transform into heat and reduce the absorption performance. Therefore, the stasis loss of soft magnetic absorbing materials should be as small as possible;

3. Broadband tape performance: The absorbing frequency range of the suction material should be as wide as possible, and it can cover multiple frequency bands;

4. Low thickness requirements: the thinner the thickness of the material, the less the amount of materials required, and the lower the cost of suction material;

5. Anti -corrosion performance: Soft magnetic absorbing materials are often used for outdoor environment and need good corrosion resistance to ensure long -term stable and stable absorption performance.

At present, the research of soft magnetic suction materials mainly includes alloy materials, composite materials, and fiber composite materials. Among them, some metal alloys (such as Ni-Zn iron oxygen) and oxides (such as CO-ZN iron oxygen) have a good suction performance, but their absorbance bands are narrow, which is generally suitable for suction in specific frequency bands Wave demand. Some composite materials (such as graphene -based composite materials and nano -crystal base composite materials) are becoming a hotspot of research due to good electromagnetic performance and structural regulation performance.


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