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Plasma material suction material is a material that can absorb electromagnetic wave energy. In the frequency range of electromagnetic waves, it can convert electromagnetic waves into heat energy to eliminate or weaken electromagnetic waves.

The principle of plasma suction material is to use the plasma body sensing inside the material to dissipate electromagnetic wave energy. Plasma is a substance with positive ions and free electrons. When an electric field or an electromagnetic wave acts on the plasma, the free electrons will be vibrated by the effect of electrical field power, thereby absorbing and dissipating electromagnetic wave energy.

At present, plasma suction materials mainly include metal -based composite materials, one -dimensional and two -dimensional nano -material, carbon -based materials, etc. Among them, metal base composite materials are one of the most common and commonly used plasma suction materials. It is usually composed of two parts: metal matrix and non -metal suction body. The role of metal matrix is to provide mechanical strength and conductive performance, rather than the effect of metal wave body to absorb electromagnetic wave energy.

The research and application of plasma material suction materials mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Design and synthesis of materials: You need to choose the right metal matrix and the suction body material, and use the surface treatment and other methods to regulate the suction performance of the material.

2. Research on the inhalation mechanism: It is necessary to understand the inhalation mechanism of wave suction materials, including the transmission, absorption and dissipation process of electromagnetic waves in the material.

3. Material performance testing and evaluation: You need to pass testing and evaluation methods to determine the suction performance of the suction material, including the absorbing bandwidth, the peak suction peak, and the suction loss.

4. Application field: Plasma suction materials can be used in the fields of electromagnetic wave interference inhibition, radar stealth technology, and electromagnetic radiation protection, which is of great significance for improving the safety and stability of the electromagnetic wave environment.

Plasma material suction materials are a characteristic of absorbing electromagnetic wave energy. At present, it has certain research and application in the fields of material design, wave absorption mechanism, material performance testing and application.


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