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Magnetron sputtering coating
Magnetic sputtering high pure zinc ZN
  • Magnetic sputtering high pure zinc ZN
Magnetic sputtering high pure zinc ZN

Advanced household science and technology magnetic sputtering high -purity zinc Zn can customize thickness according to demand; welcome to consult.


Magnetic sputtering high -purity zinc (Zn) is a commonly used surface treatment technology that can form a uniform and dense zinc film on the surface of the material, which can not only provide good corrosion performance, but also improve the wear resistance of the material Sex and conductivity.

Magnetic sputtering is a physical gas sedimentation technology. By using magnetic control electronic guns to stimulate the plating material in a vacuum environment, to form ions, and then accelerate the ion to hit the surface of the target material, thereby achieving the sedimentation of the coating. The main processes of magnetic sputtering galvanized are: evaporation of materials, transmission and condensation of steam.

Magnetic sputtering high -purity zinc needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. Equipment requirements: Magnetic sputtering high -purity zinc requires professional equipment, including vacuum coating machines, magnetic control electronic guns, studios, etc. These devices need to ensure the requirements of vacuum degree and also need accurate control capabilities.

2. Galfilizing material: Galvanizing high -purity zinc requires high -purity zinc materials, and zinc targets or zinc rods can be used. The purity of zinc has a great impact on the quality of the plating layer. High -purity zinc materials can provide better coating uniformity and denseness.

3. Process parameters: In the process of magnetic control sputtering, process parameters are required reasonably, including sputtering power, working gas and gas flow, and working distance. The choice of these parameters needs to be optimized according to specific materials and requirements to ensure the quality of the plating.

4. Surface pre -processing: Before the magnetic control sputtering is galvanized, appropriate surface pre -processing needs to be used for plating materials, including cleaning, oil removal, grinding, etc. These pre -processing measures can improve the binding force of the coating and the substrate, and increase the adhesion and uniformity of the coating.

5. Coating performance: Magnetic sputtering high -purity zinc can be obtained by uniform and dense zinc film. This zinc film has good anti -corrosion properties and can improve the abrasion resistance and antioxidant properties of the substrate. At the same time, the thickness of the plating can be controlled as needed to meet different engineering requirements.

In short, magnetic control sputtering high -purity zinc is a commonly used surface treatment technology that can provide excellent anti -corrosion performance and improve surface performance for materials. Before galvanizing, you need to prepare appropriate equipment and materials, and perform appropriate process parameters and surface pre -processing to obtain high -quality coating.


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