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Magnetron sputtering coating
Magnetic Splash Plating high -pure nickel Ni
  • Magnetic Splash Plating high -pure nickel Ni
Magnetic Splash Plating high -pure nickel Ni

Advanced household science and technology magnetic sputtering high -purity nickel Ni can customize thickness according to demand; welcome to consult.


Magnetic sputtering high -purity nickel (Ni) is a commonly used surface treatment technology that can be used to enhance the corrosion, hardness and lubrication of the material.

1. The principle of magnetic control sputtering nickel plating: Magnetic sputtering is a physical gas sedimentation technology. By sputting metal nickel under the action of magnetic fields in a vacuum environment, it splashed to the surface of the workpiece to form a uniform coating.

2. High -pure nickel characteristics: High -purity nickel is obtained through fine mineral selection, purification and purification process. It has high purity and purity in the plating layer, which can provide better corrosion resistance, hardness and lubrication.

3. Application of magnetic control sputtering high -purity nickel: Magnetic sputtering high -purity nickel is widely used in electronic components, aerospace, automotive, chemical industry, medical equipment and other fields. It can be used to repair and protect the surface of the parts, improve the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of mechanical parts, and can also be used to prepare conductive film and anti -light coating.

4. The process of magnetic control sputtering high -purity nickel: usually includes steps such as cleaning workpiece surface, vacuum pumping, pre -processing and main sputtering. Among them, the purpose of the cleaning workpiece is to remove surface oil and impurities. Vacuum pumping is to remove oxygen and water vapor during the coating process, and pre -treatment is to improve the adhesion and uniformity of the coating.

5. The advantages of magnetic control sputtering high -purity nickel: The use of magnetic controlling nickel plating process can get uniform, dense and high -quality plating, with high adhesion and corrosion resistance. In addition, this process also has high processing efficiency and energy saving, which can improve the resistance of the workpiece. In general, magnetic control sputtering high -purity nickel is a highly efficient and high -quality surface treatment technology, which is widely used in various fields. Through this process, the plating of corrosion resistance, hardness and lubrication can effectively improve the performance and service life of the material.


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