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Magnetron sputtering coating
Magnetic Splash Plug -in Plating High Pure V
  • Magnetic Splash Plug -in Plating High Pure V
Magnetic Splash Plug -in Plating High Pure V

The advanced house of science and technology magnetic control sputtering high pure 钒 V, can customize the thickness according to demand; welcome to consult.


Magnetic sputtering high pure (V) is a common surface treatment technology that is mainly used to change the performance of the material surface, improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the material.

Magnetic sputtering is a physical coating technology. By using electronic bombardment and ion bombardment in vacuum environment, the metal target splash the metal target to the surface of the substrate to form a thin film. It has the characteristics of uniform film, denseness, and strong binding force, which can form a uniform and thick metal film on the surface of the substrate.

In the process of magnetic control sputtering, 钒 (V) can be used as a target, splashing the ionic ions to the substrate surface by electronic bombardment or ion bombardment. By adjusting sputtering parameters (such as target types, power, pressure, etc.), the thickness and components of the 钒 (V) film can be controlled. The high -purity 备 (V) film prepared by this method has good physical and chemical properties and biocompatibility.

Magnetic sputtering high -purity (V) can be applied in multiple fields. For example, in material science, 钒 (V) film can be used to improve the mechanical properties of materials and improve the hardness and wear resistance of the material. In electronic devices,) (V) film can be used to prepare metal wires, electrodes and other components. In addition, magnetic control sputtering high -purity (V) can also be used in the fields of optical coating, solar cells, biomedical materials and other fields.

In short, magnetic control sputtering high pure 钒 (V) is a technology used to improve the surface performance of the material and is suitable for multiple fields. By adjusting sputtering parameters, you can obtain 钒 (V) film with different thickness and components to meet different application needs.


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