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Magnetron sputtering coating
Magnetic sputtering high pure molybdenum MO
  • Magnetic sputtering high pure molybdenum MO
Magnetic sputtering high pure molybdenum MO

Advanced household science and technology magnetic sputtering high -pure molybdenum MOs can be customized according to demand; welcome to consult.


Magnetic sputtering is a technology widely used in the field of thin -film preparation, and magnetic control sputtering high pure molybdenum (MO) is one of the special applications. High -pure molybdenum film has excellent mechanical and chemical properties, so it has been widely used in many fields, such as optical coating, microelectronic devices, and anti -corrosion coating.

In the process of magnetic control sputtering high -pure molybdenum, two key parameters are mainly involved: sputtering atmosphere and process parameters. Among them, the sputtering atmosphere is usually used as a working gase. The ionization of the molybdenum target surface is used to form ion beam and sedimentary on the base surface by the ionization of the surface of the magnetic sputtering system, thereby forming a molybdenum film.

Regarding process parameters, it mainly refers to the control of parameters such as sputtering power, gas pressure, and base temperature. The choice of sputtering power should ensure sufficient ion kinetic energy, so that splash atoms can be deposited on the base surface to form a dense and uniform film structure. Gas pressure is controlled by regulating the amount of gas flow in the splash atmosphere. Generally, it is necessary to ensure the surface smoothness of the film under lower gas pressure. The choice of base temperature is conducive to improving the crystallization of molybdenum film, which will affect its mechanical and chemical properties.

In addition, in order to ensure the purity of the plating layer, the purity of the plating layer is also required to control and monitor the plating. Using high -purity raw materials and suitable molybdenum target ratio is a key means to ensure the high purity of the plating layer. Motoring composition on the coating on a regular basis is also a common method to ensure the stability and performance of the high -purity molybdenum coating to meet the application requirements.


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