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Nickel copper conductive cloth
  • Nickel copper conductive cloth
Nickel copper conductive cloth

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Nickel -copper electrical cloth is a material with good conductive performance, which is mainly woven from nickel wire and copper wire. It is often used in the fields of electrical engineering, electronic communication and electromagnetic shielding.

1. Nickel -copper electrical cloth conductive performance: Since nickel and copper have good conductive performance, nickel -copper electrical cloth has excellent conductive characteristics. Compared to pure copper wires, its conductive performance is better and can effectively conduct current.

2. Good thermal conductivity of nickel -copper electrical cloth: Nickel -copper electro -conductivity not only has excellent conductivity, but also has good thermal conductivity. It can quickly dissipate the heat generated by the current, avoid the occurrence of overheating, and improve the stability and reliability of the circuit.

3. Nickel -copper -conductive cloth has good corrosion resistance: Since nickel and copper have good corrosion resistance, nickel -copper conductivity cloth can be used in harsh environments. It has good stability for chemicals such as acid, alkali, salt, and can maintain good conductive performance for a long time.

4. Good shielding performance of nickel and copper conductivity: Nickel -copper conductivity cloth has good electromagnetic shielding performance, which can effectively block electromagnetic interference outside the outside world. In the field of electronic communication, it is often used to make shielding hoods, shielding fences, etc., and protect the normal work of electronic equipment.

In general, nickel -copper electrical cloth is a good conductive material with excellent performance, suitable for various occasions that require good conductive performance and electromagnetic shielding performance. It has extensive application prospects in the fields of electrical engineering, electronic communication, electromagnetic compatibility.

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