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conductive fabric
  • 平纹导电布

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The flat -striped conductive cloth is a fabric with conductive performance. It is woven by a flat -striped structure, which is usually intertwined by conductive fibers and ordinary fibers. The flat -grained conductive cloth has the characteristics of conductivity, softness, and ductility, and is widely used in the fields of electronic products, electromagnetic shielding, medical equipment and other fields.

The conductive performance of the flat -line conductive cloth mainly depends on the added conductive fiber. Common conductive fiber includes metal fiber, carbon fiber, and conductive coating fiber. These conductive fibers form a network structure in the fabric and intertwine with ordinary fibers to achieve the conductive performance of the entire fabric. The quality of conductive fibers and the addition ratio have an important impact on the conductive performance of the fabric. The appropriate conductive fiber can ensure the stable conductive performance of the fabric.

The flat -grained conductive cloth not only has conductivity, but also has a certain tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Due to the use of a flat -grained structure, its surface is smooth, the mesh is clear, the silk thread is tightly intertwined, and the fabric is uniform and the thickness is even. This makes the flat -striped conductive cloth perform well in terms of softness, tensile resistance and ductility.

In the application, flat -striped conductive cloth can be used to make conductive products such as conductive pads, conductive belts, and conductive tape. They can be used for conductive connections in electronic products, shielding electromagnetic radiation, lightning protection, and conductive patch in medical equipment. Compared with traditional conductive materials, the flat -striped conductive cloth is softer, easy to cut, easy to process, and has a wider range of application fields and better application effects.

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