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Copper foil plating of science and technology of advanced houses can customize thickness according to demand; welcome to consult.


Copper foil tin plating is a common surface treatment technology that provides more corrosion resistance and conductive performance for copper foil. Advanced household technology can customize the thickness of copper foil and tin -plated thickness according to the actual needs of the customer, which can meet the requirements of different application scenarios.

The customization of copper foil thickness is mainly to consider the mechanical strength and flexibility of the product. Generally, the thickness range of copper foil is a few microns to tens of microns, and different application areas have different requirements. For example, in the electronics industry, thin copper foil is used to make PCB circuit boards to provide good conductivity; in the construction industry, relatively thick copper foil can be used for roof and facade decoration.

The customization of tin -plated thickness mainly takes into account the corrosion resistance and welding performance of the product. The tin -plated layer can protect the copper foil from oxidation and corrosion and provide good welding joints. Generally speaking, the thickness range of copper foil plating tin plating is a few microns or even tens of microns. In the electronics industry, the common tin-plated thickness is 2-3 microns to ensure welding quality.

On the basis of the actual needs of customers, the customization of copper foil thickness and tin -plated thickness can be considered according to the following factors:

1. Application scenario: Different application areas have different requirements for copper foil. For example, in the electronics industry, copper foil has good conductivity, so relatively thin copper foil and appropriate thickness tin -plated layer are required; in the construction industry, copper foil is required to have good decorative performance, so it needs to be relatively thick. Copper foil and thin tinner layer.

2. Use environment: Climate, temperature, humidity and other factors using the environment can also affect the requirements of copper foil tin -plated. For example, in a humid environment, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of the product, the thickness of the tin plating can be increased.

3. Cost factors: The thickness of the copper foil and the thickness of the tin -plated are directly related to the cost of the product. During the customization process, the customer's actual needs and budget requirements need to be comprehensively considered to reduce costs as much as possible under the premise of meeting product performance.

In short, the customization of copper foil thickness and tin -plated thickness is carried out according to the actual needs of customers. It mainly takes into account factors such as the mechanical strength of the product, conductive performance, corrosion resistance, and welding performance. The purpose of customization is to meet the specific requirements of copper foil in different applications and provide high -quality and reliable products.

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