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Gold-plated film
PI gold-plated film
  • PI gold-plated film
PI gold-plated film

The gold -plated film of the advanced house can be customized as needed; welcome to consult.


Metal film (generally used gold) is plated on a polyiline (PI) substrate to form a film layer with metal texture and metal.

High -quality metal coating technology is widely used, such as electronic products, optical instruments, and conductive materials. Golden plastic has the following advantages:

1. High purity: The purity of the metal film is high, which can provide stable conductivity and excellent conductive performance.

2. High adhesion: There is a good adhesion between the metal film and the PI substrate, and it is not easy to peel or fall off.

3. Good corrosion resistance: Metal film has good antioxidant and chemical corrosion resistance, and can protect the substrate materials from erosion from the external environment.

4. Good optical properties: Metal film has high reflectivity and transmission rate, which can meet optical needs in different application scenarios.

5. Film uniformity: Pi coating has a good film uniformity and can form a uniform metal film on the surface of the substrate.

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